Four Steps to Getting Your Exterior Ready for the Market

From pruning shrubs to planting fresh annuals, maintaining a manicured lawn is a challenge unless you pay for landscaping service.  However, I can’t tell you how many of my clients fell in love with their home all over again once they completed their make-ready process to sell their home.  And preparing the exterior of your home is a critical component, as it will give potential buyers your home’s most important first impression.
Below are four tips on the make-ready process for your home’s exterior.  By following these simple yet necessary steps, you’ll make your home stand out from your neighbors’ homes and your competition!  Keep in mind that when potential buyers are looking at your home they are also looking at other homes in your neighborhood.  How your house will compare to others is up to you.
Wash it!  Have the exterior of your home, the driveway and walkways, power washed.  A home’s exterior gets dirty very easily.  Just look out your windows.  If your windows are dirty, your exterior is dirty as well.  A wash will freshen up your home’s paint and brighten the concrete drive and walkways.  A clean home is attractive and shows pride of ownership.
Paint it!  The power wash will reveal if your home’s exterior is in need of a fresh paint job.  If so, get it done.  If your home looks like it needs to be painted, it gives potential buyers the impression that your home is not being cared for.  If you have a painted front door, rather than a natural wood stained door, I strongly recommend repainting it.  It is almost impossible to go wrong with a simple, satin or semi-gloss finish, black colored door.  The color will draw your attention to the entry and looks very attractive.
Plant it!  Flowers are beautiful and fragile at the same time.  A home that has flowers in the front yard is giving a message to all passersby that “this home is well cared for.”  There is a reason why many homeowners don’t plant flowers in their yard; they know full well how challenging it is to maintain them with their busy schedules.  But we would all love to have flowers in our yards given the right conditions.  By having flowers in your yard, you are telling potential buyers that your home is the right condition! While your home is on the market, you must make time to care for the landscape.
Mulch it!  The best tip I have in my proverbial bag of tricks is the use of mulch.  After trimming your existing shrubs and planting your flowers, cover the area with a dark mulch; either a dark, natural, brown or black.  Mulch gives a landscaped area a clean look and plants appear as if they have been freshly planted. This is also an easy way to add texture and interest to another wise plain-looking yard. 
By following these four steps, homeowners can transform their exterior from uneventful to the “Main Event.” 

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