Don’t Forget About Your Closets

Although one rarely ever sees a photo of a closet when browsing through slideshows of homes through online real estate portals, don’t underestimate the importance of an organized closet. 

When it comes to closets, the objective is to make them look spacious.  And to do this you need to really focus on keeping only the essentials.  The easiest place to start is to remove all clothing that is not in season.  So if it is summer, there shouldn’t be any winter clothing in the closet.  The not-so-easy is telling your husband to give up the parachute pants once and for all.  This is also a great time to donate clothes that have “shrunk.” Shoes.  There are some pretty difficult choices to make in life and deciding which shoes to put in storage may be one of them, but if a buyer looks in your closet and sees that your stuff doesn’t fit in it then they will determine that their stuff won’t fit either.  Wanna make potential buyers drool?  Leave a few empty hangers mixed in here and there with your clothes. 

They’ll leave your closet thinking to themselves, “I wish my closet looked like that (…sigh).”

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